GMN Aerospace Director Paul Michaels speaks at Everett Community College

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By Carlo Mears | Mar 05, 2013
Everett Community College

Affordability through Collaboration has been a theme for our GMN Aerospace team this past fiscal year. Our work and focus on continuous improvement was not only recognized by our customers, but also by our peers of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance.

After speaking at the October 2012 PNAA Meeting, Paul Michaels was asked to share with the manufacturing leaders of tomorrow our position on Revolutionary Customer Engagement as a guest of Annette Floyd’s Operations Management Class.  The class was studying value stream mapping and the challenges within the supply chain structure.  Many of today’s students value the opportunity to hear from real life business cases where many of the things they read about are implemented.

Paul shared many of the lessons learned along with the value in the implementation of Lean and the efforts of staying focused on continuous improvement. The students appreciated the opportunity to hear Paul speak. It is not every day that an Aerospace Supplier, and one that has won the coveted Supplier of the Year from The Boeing Company three consecutive years, shares the ins and outs on how to reduce cycle times and increase our quality, while providing our customers with enhanced affordability.

“The students were on the edge of their seats, no easy feat since some work 8-10 hours before class, Thank You Paul and GM Nameplate!” – Annette Floyd – Program Manager – Air Washington Everett Community College.