GMN Aerospace delivers their 20 millionth BAC part

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By Paul Michaels | Mar 18, 2016
20 Millionth Delivery

SEATTLE, Washington (March 21, 2016) On Friday, March 18th, GMN Aerospace delivered its 20 millionth BAC to The Boeing Company. GMN Aerospace has successfully manufactured and delivered this sizable volume not just to The Boeing Company, but to their entire supply chain as well. In addition, the deliveries were completed with quality and delivery ratings of over 99%.

GMN Aerospace is currently responsible for 80,000 active Boeing part numbers. Over the past 12 months, GMN Aerospace has delivered 1.7 million pieces solely to Boeing and 200,000 pieces to Tier One and Tier Two companies.

Competition is increasing between OEMs, and they are now depending more on their supply chains to be reliable, competitive, and compliant. The delivery of this 20 millionth part is an important milestone because it represents GMN Aerospace’s ability to accommodate the steadily increasing rate of volume in the industry, while also exhibiting dependability through the 99% quality and delivery ratings. To remain competitive and reliable, GMN Aerospace works closely with customers throughout the entire production process to ensure that parts meet or exceed customer specifications.

Vice President of GMN Aerospace, Carlo Mears, said, “Our customers share with us how much they value the relationships our team has developed with them over time. Not just with The Boeing Company, but within the global supply chain. The delivery of this 20 millionth part was achieved due to the strong collaboration and trust that exists between GMN Aerospace and our customers. We are proud of achieving this milestone!”

About GMN Aerospace

For more than 50 years, GMN has been serving the Aerospace industry with mandatory markings and placards, and other custom components. Today, GMN is equipped with AS9100C certification and has expanded its capabilities to include front panel display integration, switch technologies, plastics, large format graphics and more. Through the years GMN has received numerous accolades, including winning the coveted Supplier of the Year award from the Boeing Company in three consecutive years. To learn more about why GMN is the trusted supplier of leading Aerospace and Aircraft manufacturers, visit our website