GMN Aerospace announces release of M2TYCOAT™

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By Elise Harrington | Jul 07, 2014
M2TYCOAT Release

SEATTLE, WA (July 7, 2014) – Today, GMN Aerospace announced the release of its new exterior product – M2TYCOAT™. GMN Aerospace’s M2TYCOAT product is specially designed for exterior aircraft color graphics and mandatory exterior placards and markers.

The M2TYCOAT product was recently added to the Boeing process specification BAC 5316 “Manufacture of Markers and Placards” Qualified Processors List (QPL). M2TYCOAT offers a unique advantage over GMN Aerospace’s competitor’s processes that can be utilized by origin­­al equipment manufacturers (OEM) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). M2TYCOAT was developed to offer a versatile solution that would address OEM time flow issues due to outgassing cycles, as well as application environments of MRO facilities that don’t allow spraying of paints. GMN Aerospace’s M2TYCOAT product offers better adhesion and durability for the exterior aircraft environment. GMN Aerospace’s in house engineering team developed a special process that allows for overall increased quality, bond, and resilience.

“We are excited to announce the release of M2TYCOAT,” said Paul Michaels, director of GMN Aerospace. “The new product is a testament to GMN Aerospace’s commitment to serving both the OEM and MRO segments of the aerospace industry.”

M2TYCOAT is GMN Aerospace’s first branded process. GMN Aerospace’s M2TYCOAT process can be used for variety of exterior markings. In addition, GMN Aerospace offers various other capabilities that are used to serve the Aerospace industry including front panel display integration, mandatory markings and placards, plastics, value-added-assemblies and more.

About GMN Aerospace

As a key part of GM Nameplate, GMN Aerospace is a recognized worldwide leader in the manufacture of mandatory markings and subassemblies for the entire aircraft. This includes interior and exterior mandatory markings, components for passenger service units (PSU), custom plastic injection molded components, and aerospace sub-assemblies. Since receiving its first Boeing order in 1960, GM Nameplate has provided Boeing and the aerospace industry with high-quality products and continues to build on its collaborative relationship with top aerospace companies. Quality and delivery are the core focus to all GM Nameplate’s custom products.   

*Photo by April O’Donahue