GM Nameplate automotive instrumentation article featured in Industrial + Specialty Printing

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By Elise Harrington | Nov 29, 2012
Printing automotive instrumentation

Industrial + Specialty Printing’s November/December issue features an article by GM Nameplate’s Technical Printing Manager, Mike McDaniel. “Printing Automotive Instrumentation” highlights the steps and challenges to correctly manufacturing an automotive instrument panel.

Drawing from many years of color matching and printing experience McDaniel examines printing automotive gauges step-by-step. The article covers the importance of utilizing various measurement tools and instrumentation. As pointed out by McDaniel, when developing an automotive instrument panel job, color matching is the longest and most challenging step. He then goes on to explain the different printing methods, and proper procedures, whether back or front-printing the panel.

GM Nameplate’s color expert Mike McDaniel has successfully lead many automotive instrument panel projects. Although it is rarely a short and simple process, McDaniel says that with rigid procedures, high attention to detail and accurate color matching, you can achieve a high quality and durable panel.