General Motors' footrest and gas pedal sporting enhancement

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By Lauren Rowles | Oct 13, 2016
Custom sporting enhancement

When General Motors needed to add a sporting enhancement to their footrest and gas pedal, they selected GMN Automotive to supply the decorative stainless steel overlay. GMN Automotive is well-versed in decorative and sporting enhancements and is a trusted brand among the industry’s top car manufacturers.

Footrest and gas pedal sporting enhancements are often seen in muscle cars due to their polished, sleek and sophisticated look. Stainless steel footrests are often employed in high-end OEM muscle cars and in the automotive aftermarket. 

To adhere this particular part to the low energy molded rubber, GMN Automotive employed an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Bonding the two dissimilar materials in concert with the molded rubber extruding through the stainless steel piercings resulted in a performance driven and visually striking overlay.