Freightliner steering wheel badge

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By Richard Smylie | Aug 17, 2016
Custom steering wheel badging by GMN Automotive

With the introduction of a new European law requiring large trucks to have driver airbags (DAB), existing steering wheel badge constructions no longer comply with the law as they do not have a locking feature. The locking feature secures the decorative badge to the corresponding cover in the event of deployment.

GMN Automotive badges are in compliance with the new law as they are designed with tabs that:

  • Extend off the part’s perimeter
  • Are bent 90 degrees to the face of the part
  • Are invisible to the vehicle’s occupant when installed
  • Stay locked in place when crimped to the corresponding cover should the bag deploy

At GMN Automotive, our creativity combined with our engineering support allows us to be an industry leading solution provider.