Ford Explorer’s New Platinum Series Badging

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By Duncan Carswell | Mar 23, 2015
Ford Explorer platinum badge

Get a sneak peak of the Ford Explorer’s new, limited edition badging on the vehicle’s Facebook page. The Ford emblem, which is done in soft metallic silver, is designed to commemorate the icon brand’s anniversary as part of their Platinum series.

For the new Ford Platinum, GMN’s automotive group worked to develop a number of nameplate prototypes with varied tone and texture. The photo shows a few of the options that were provided. In the end, Ford selected a lightly textured, domed nameplate in a dark brushed gray with contrasting bright chrome. 

According to Ford, the Explorer Platinum will be available this summer, when you can see the new badging for yourself. To see Ford’s final badge selection, visit the Ford Facebook post. You can also learn more from Ford’s news page.