First Parts Delivered from New CTP Machine

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By Mark Evans | May 16, 2014
CTP Machine

GMN Aerospace is proud to announce the first production parts to come off of our new Computer to Plate (CTP) machine in our metalphoto department. As we mentioned in an earlier blog we qualified the new machine in ­March. After we received approval from the Boeing Aircraft Company for BAC parts, six initial parts were selected as our flagship run, all of which shipped last month.

The new machine allows speedier cycle times and more efficient overall production. We discussed in a previous blog how the new metalphoto equipment works, by eliminated the need for printing a film in the production process. Instead the CTP machine has the capability to expose the image directly on the photo sensitive aluminum – producing a highly durable part. The new CTP equipment has been a very beneficial addition to GMN Aerospace as we continue our focus on ever-growing productivity and quality.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the metalphoto process is a unique nameplate/badging capability that uses technology similar to exposes camera photos. Typically art work is printed on a film and then exposed on specialty, photo sensitive aluminum. Thanks to this unique process the image will never fade or wear off. In addition to the aerospace industry, this capability is used often for products in environments that are susceptible to extreme wear.

We are very excited about our recent success with the CTP machine and the delivery of our first parts. The entire team is looking forward to producing more parts on the machine!