Featured part: Excel Dryer emblem

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By Chris Doyle | Jul 18, 2014
Domed Lensclad Nameplate - Xlerator

In late 2000, Excel Dryer approached GMN looking for a solution for their American-made hand and hair dryers. Excel Dryer needed a unique carbon fiber pattern for an emblem to place on their dryers. Other manufacturers could not produce the look they desired, but GMN had the capabilities to take on the project and quickly did.

Since 2000, GMN has created an array of emblems for a variety of Excel Dryer products. New emblems have been added, as the others continue to be produced.  Recently, GMN was able to produce an emblem for their XLERATOReco© dryer. GMN developed a unique look using an embossed aluminum metal nameplate with a printed carbon fiber pattern and dome coating to add depth to the graphics. The finished design makes the product notable, striking and very durable. To adhere the dome plate to the dryer, a low surface energy adhesive was utilized for its strength and durability, while allowing the product to maintain its distinctive appearance. This final design was finished after working closely with the design support team through many editing rounds.

Excel Dryer has continued to return to GMN over the years because we consistently achieve their desired look, providing them with confidence to showcase their design through a new, unique and distinguished emblem.