Featured part: Components for the Xbox One

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By Gerry Gallagher | Feb 06, 2014
Manufacturing decorative and functional parts for gaming consoles

GM Nameplate has been providing components to Microsoft for their Xbox systems since the original device, and including the latest Xbox One. Our China facility manufactures various parts on the Xbox One including a capacitive touch membrane circuit, badging, labels and more.

The flexible circuit is one of the most interesting parts that we manufactured for the device. The circuit utilizes capacitive touch technology for the power on/off and optical disc drive (ODD) eject switch. Utilizing this technology increases durability, as there are no mechanical components and meets all the functional needs of the switch. Our engineering team worked closely with the Xbox team to create a cost effective solution meeting all the performance criteria.

In addition to the flexible circuit we also manufactured two 2D electroform logos (in addition to labels and other components) for the Xbox One console and Kinect device. To meet the desired aesthetic GMN developed a unique process to tint the 2D electroform to achieve Xbox One’s unique dark chrome color. This process can be used to create a variety of shades and colors for 2D electroform parts.  The GMN produced logos can be found on the top of the console and on the Kinect device.

Our work with Microsoft on components for the Xbox One is a great example of how our diverse capabilities can serve multiple needs of a customer – in turn reducing supply chain costs and simplifying logistics. The GMN capabilities featured on the Xbox One can be found on various other products across nearly every industry.