Exterior markers contract signing

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By Elise Harrington | Jan 21, 2015
Exterior Contract Signing

GMN Aerospace is excited to announce the signing of a new contract with The Boeing Company for exterior mandatory markings. The launch customer for this new contract is Delta Airlines. For more than 50 years, GMN has been working with The Boeing Company, providing aerospace markings, placards, labels, and more.

The new contract signing will utilize GMN Aerospace’s M2TYCOAT exterior product. Last summer, GMN Aerospace launched M2TYCOAT to provide a superior product for exterior aircraft color graphics and mandatory exterior placards and markers. It also has an improved application that addresses OEM time flow issues due to outgassing.

“GMN Aerospace is very proud and excited to announce yet another great milestone in our collaboration with The Boeing Company,” said Paul Michaels, director of GMN Aerospace. “Our new and dynamic exterior product offers an ease of application that will support The Boeing Company with their rate objectives well into the future.”

As GMN Aerospace continues its partnership with The Boeing Company, the company is looking forward to continued collaboration. GMN Aerospace is also excited about additional products for the MRO that will be launching later in 2015.