Elite Label featured in Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine

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By Kyle Duggan | Jun 08, 2015
Metal product label

Elite Label is our designated wine label group here at GM Nameplate known for its superior and innovative labeling techniques. The May-June issue of Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine featured an article entitled “Heavy Metal” in which some of Elite Label’s finest examples were showcased.

In the article, the rising trend of metal labels was discussed and Lisa Coletti, our business development manager, shared her perspective on the growing popularity. Coletti believes metal labels “communicate quality” and add value to the wine.  A full page ad also illustrated some of Elite Label’s elegant representations of metal labels and medallions.

This ad shows the ability we have here at GMN to craft textured and stylish nameplates in various shapes, sizes and colors that can be catered to fit nearly any industry. The article “Heavy Metal” is available online here.