Die-cut components 101: introduction

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By Chris Doyle | Jul 20, 2015
Die-cut components such as shielding, spacers, gaskets

Nearly every product needs die-cut components; that’s why GMN is equipped with the capabilities to provide a wide variety of options for every unique project need. Die-cut components are simply, non-printed pieces that are cut into different shapes and are used to solve problems. These problems include sound dampening, EMI/RFI shielding, electrical insulation, thermal management, bonding, gap filling, sealing, air flow and overheating. Because these die-cut pieces are so important to the manufacturing process, over the next few days we will be posting a blog series to go into more detail on the die-cut component process and the variety of capabilities available.

First, we will discuss the tooling methods that are used here at GMN and the benefits of each. Then, we will dive into the fabrication equipment options that we provide and which projects each is best suited for.

For more information on die-cut components, visit our webpage on die-cut components or read our other two blogs in this series: