Customer Survey Trends for GM Nameplate and GMN Aerospace

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By Elise Harrington | Jun 08, 2012
Customer Survey Trends 2012

We recently posted about our bi-annual customer survey that was conducted this spring. In addition to the regular bi-annual customer survey, we also went over the trends in our customer surveys from the last five years. This project showed us what areas have improved and areas that continue to improve, as well as where we might need to focus more attention.

As a service-based company, our priority is always our customers — making sure we can meet their needs in the fastest most efficient way possible, while still adhering to our high quality standards. Trending our customer feedback has helped see how we are doing overall and where we continue to improve.

Over the last five years over 95% of survey participants say they would recommend us. We have steadily been trending upwards in all aspects of customer satisfaction. In addition, 91% of participants gave our responsiveness a rating of excellent or good.

Since we serve many customers in the aerospace industry it is helpful to see how our aerospace customers have rated us over the years. On average over the last five years, just over 94% of aerospace customer reported that they would recommend GMN. The top three reasons to why customers would recommend us over the last five years were because of great customer service (31%), quality (19%), and competitive lead time (11%). Among aerospace customers specifically, lead time and on-time delivery were the top reasons why they would recommend GMN.

After looking at our trends, we can see that overall we are heading in the right direction with customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow as a company it is important that we also keep in mind how our customers rate our service.