Customer Survey Results for GM Nameplate and GMN Aerospace

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By Elise Harrington | Jun 04, 2012
Customer Survey Results 2012

GM Nameplate recently conducted its bi-annual customer survey, which included responses from customers who placed an order from November 2011 to April 2012 . The survey, which measures customer’s satisfaction is used to gauge how we are doing — areas that we need to improve, and areas that we are doing well. Regular customer feedback is imperative to ensuring that we are doing a good job, and continuously moving forward in quality, service, delivery and overall satisfaction. The survey includes customer from all of our brands and product lines with a significant number of responses from GMN Aerospace customers.

The survey, which was sent out to all customers that placed an order in the last six months, is made up of multiple choice and open ended questions covering all aspects of the customer experience. Aerospace customers made up about 36% of the survey participants.

We are pleased to report that our customers continue to give us high marks in several categories. In the following categories, 90% or higher of respondents gave a rating of Excellent (1) or Good (2):

  • Account Manager Order Acknowledgement
  • Overall Experience w/ Account Manager
  • Overall Experience w/ Salesperson
  • Engineering & Design Assistance
  • Account Mgr./New Product Mgr. Expertise
  • Delivery
  • Mfg / Industry Expertise
  • Order Process

Many of customers commented on the excellence of our customer service, stating that it was one of the main reasons why they choose to work with us. Over 96% of the survey participants said that they would recommend GM Nameplate. Customers responded that our price and quality was one of the top reasons why they would recommend working with GM Nameplate.

While there were many areas that highlighted what we are doing well, the survey responses also provided feedback on areas to improve. We have implemented measures to reduce lead times, streamline our account communication and assistance process, and continue to enhance our quality system. We are confident that you will see the direct results of our efforts in future projects with GM Nameplate.