Customer Service Continuous Improvement

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By Megan Bradburn | Jun 27, 2014
Customer Service Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to our customers is one of our core values at GMN Aerospace. Every day our team works hard to serve our customers with the best service and quality products possible. However good we are doing, we know that we can always grow and improve on our success.

In the spirit of our dedication to continuous improvement, in February the GMN Aerospace team began a customer service training course. The course is designed to take the group’s already exemplary customer service to the next level.  Our training consists of a series of two hour long sessions, each focusing on different skills and techniques needed to provide excellent service for customers – both external and internal.

Our customer service training course is led by facilitator Cheri Baker of Emergence Consulting. So far our team has examined aspects of customer service such as identifying the customer’s needs and service recovery. One of our exercises involved practicing active listening by performing timed interviews with each other and then identifying the benefits of active listening. We also learned about the importance of strong introductions and how they can pave the way for healthy and long-lasting working relationships. In addition, the team created a customer service promise designed to ensure that the high level of service the team provides can continue and grow.

For most of our team, the most beneficial aspect of this training is having the opportunity to practice the skills that we are learning in training, and then carry them out in our day-to-day interaction with customers. The training will continue through July as the GMN Aerospace team continues to benefit from the program. We are excited to share the knowledge our team gains with the rest of GM Nameplate and all of our customers.