Common plastics tooling terminology

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By Chris Passanante | Aug 12, 2015
Injection mold at GMN Plastics

In a complex manufacturing industry, it is important to have a set of unique terminology to understand industry-wide common practices. Basic terminology in the plastics industry is provided by the Society of the Plastics Industry Cosmetic Specification of Injection Molded Parts to give manufacturers, suppliers and customers a common language to communicate through.

As a plastics manufacturer, GMN Plastics has a long list of unique vocabulary, so we’ve compiled some of the most common tooling terms used when discussing projects with our customers here:

Taking a tool down: A common process of performing maintenance on a tool

Venting a tool: Creating an opening in the cavity so that gasses can escape while material is being injected into the tool

Inserting a tool: This occurs when a damaged section of steel is replaced for repair or when multiple versions are slightly different

Tool crash: Like a car crash, this can happen in both major and minor incidents, but it means a tool has been damaged

Qualifying a tool: Establishing a manufacturing process that is both repeatable and stable