Commercial space industry experiences steady growth

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By Gail Amole | Sep 15, 2016
Commercial Space Industry

The commercial space race has experienced a large amount of activity recently. The industry is seeing a steady increase in the amount of space start-ups, especially throughout the Seattle area. These companies are pursuing various space efforts including mining asteroids and lowering the cost of sending something into space by creating reusable rockets. But despite differing objectives, these visionaries are all working towards the same goal of making space more accessible.

As a supplier to the aerospace industry, much of GMN Aerospace’s knowledge and capabilities can be applied to projects in the space industry as well. GMN is a local, AS9100C/ISO 9001 certified manufacturer who can convert polyamide films, fabricate custom hole patterns, and stocks laminate silicone adhesives. In recent projects, we have had success with laser-fabricating polyamide films, such as Kapton. We have created several samples using a range of patterns and diameters. Perforated Kapton is ideal for space applications because it has no burning point and is durable through rapid atmospheric change.

As the commercial space race heats up, GMN Aerospace is excited to bring our services to this industry.