Celebrating Wayne Williams, a 56-year veteran of GMN

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By Cynthia Schulte | Sep 17, 2015
Wayne Williams

For 61 years, GMN has provided exceptional products and services. For 56 of those years, Wayne Williams has been serving GMN with hard work, dedication, and a great sense of humor. As GMN’s longest-standing employee, Wayne has been with the company for nearly its entire lifetime. He’s witnessed every new addition – from new facilities and capabilities to awards and recognitions.

Earlier this summer, Wayne worked his last shift before retirement. While we know he’s busy fishing, hunting, and spending time with his family, we want to acknowledge the great contribution that he has made to GMN’s Monroe, North Carolina Division.

Wayne began his career in nameplate manufacturing only five years after the company was founded. In 1959, nameplate manufacturing was a promising industry and for a young man straight out of high school it was an ideal job. Although the business was just getting started, it wouldn’t be long until big things started to happen. From new capabilities to new facilities, through name changes and mergers, Wayne has been a witness to the evolution of GMN since he began his employment.

“Wayne always had a good work ethic in the early years, and continued that until his last day. When something goes wrong he takes it to heart. He was a devoted employee. He is and has always been a man you could look up to not only as a work hero, but also as a kind and caring person for his fellow coworkers,” said Wayne’s supervisor, Doug Moser.

Wayne carried several responsibilities in his role as a stock cutter at the Monroe Division. His work involved cutting metal, brass, stainless steel, and foil, along with washing, brushing, spinning, and taking care of scrap materials. Aside from his everyday duties, Wayne was a mentor to others and helped train new employees. With his vast experience and knowledge, he also occasionally gave our customers tours explaining the plant process. 

 “Wayne did more in half a day than others do in a whole day. He kept everybody happy,” said Wayne’s coworker, Donie Laney.

While Wayne did a great job in production, he was most appreciated for his sense of humor, great attitude, and friendliness. His co-workers had nothing but glowing things to say about him.

“Wayne’s very persona has been an influence to GMN and the coworkers around him. His work ethic, his joyful attitude, and his willingness to give his best to anything put before him was an example that encouraged others to emulate him without saying a word,” said Doug.


Wayne has been an inspiration to many of us at GMN and he is a testament to the hard work and dedication GMN has in its workforce. Although he retired earlier this summer, he has already been back twice to assist in production (he can’t help but help out!). We all wish him the best of luck in retirement!