Celebrating our 60th Anniversary with GMN Heroes

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By gmn_admin | May 01, 2014
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of GMN

May 1, 2014 marks a great milestone for GM Nameplate – our 60th anniversary.

I am proud of the growth and success that the company has enjoyed over the years. What was once a single factory in Seattle, Washington, is now an international company with 8 facilities and 1,100 employees serving a broad spectrum of industries. Beginning as a nameplate manufacturer in 1954, the company has evolved into a premier provider of manufacturing solutions including plastics, nameplates, labels, user interface systems and more.

We are entering our 60th year of business on a high note. This year we have experienced record breaking growth and the fulfillment of nearly 100,000 orders. We also achieved a new quality standard: the Seattle, WA Division met ISO:13485 for medical devices, which compliments the twelve other quality standards that GM Nameplate has met. We have continued to innovate and improve our processes and products, which has allowed us to stay on the forefront of our industry. In addition, the company and its employees were recognized with seven awards including our sixth consecutive Boeing Supplier Excellence Award and John Deere’s Supplier of the Year – Electronic Products.

However, GM Nameplate’s 60th anniversary is more than just a reflection of the past; it is a celebration of the present and the company’s bright future. GM Nameplate’s success can be attributed to two things: stalwart service to customers and our dedicated employees that work day-in and day-out to make outstanding products.

This year GM Nameplate will be celebrating its 60th year in business by recognizing the many faces behind our products. Our employees embody the dedication, spirit and ingenuity that make GM Nameplate great. Visit our blogs throughout the year to learn about the many people that comprise GM Nameplate’s workforce – we call them our GMN heroes.

Don Root, Chairman of the board, GM Nameplate