Cabin control interface considerations

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By Carlo Mears | Jun 14, 2016
Cabin Control Interfaces

With years of experience in industries such as medical, automotive, and heavy industry, GM Nameplate (GMN) is now involved in front panel integration solutions inside the aircraft cabin. GMN Aerospace has recently been working on several projects involving cabin control interfaces with aerospace companies such as BAE Systems and The Boeing Company. Cabin control interfaces are the various displays and touchscreens on airplanes that help to enhance the overall in-flight experience. These interfaces serve as intelligent control panels for pilots and flight attendants and entertainment systems for passengers.

When building a cabin control interface, the amount of elements to consider may seem overwhelming. The first major consideration is what type of LCD or touchscreen to utilize for your display. GMN’s front panel integration experts are experienced in helping customers find the most appropriate LCD/touchscreen for their project and can recommend a suitable manufacturer or accommodate one of the customer’s choosing. GMN’s extensive supplier network provides easy access to many of the leading LCD and touchscreen manufacturers in the industry.

The next concern is bonding the LCD, touchscreen, or cover glass to the display. GMN has several bonding technologies available, such as liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA), optically clear adhesive (OCA), and the air gap method. The most popular method is LOCA because of its high quality, durability, and ability to be reworked. As a licensed converter of Dupont’s Vertak® bonding technology, GMN allows customers to enjoy the latest advancements in LOCA display enhancement technology such as increased readability in bright sunlight, contrast, and impact resistance.

Finally, it’s time to consider the many internal and external components that may be involved in your front panel integration solution. GMN Aerospace can manufacture the majority of these parts in-house, including die-cut components, decorated cover glass, and decorative bezels. In addition, cabin control interfaces commonly require a switch panel surrounding the display. With keypads ranging from spray or laser-etched elastomer to hard plastic, GMN Aerospace can seamlessly integrate any switch solution into the display assembly.

There are a vast amount of details to explore when it comes to front panel integration, but these core considerations will help streamline your next in-flight entertainment or cabin management project.