A bold invitation for Craftsman

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By Bob Welch | Aug 11, 2015
Craftsman metal invitation

When planning an exclusive seminar for Craftsman distributors, a one-of-a-kind invitation was needed to draw attention to the event. Designers came with a plan in mind and asked GMN to step in to provide both the design support and the technological know-how needed for this piece.

As an industrial tool builder, it was first decided that the invitation would match the industry so a stainless steel was chosen as the material. Next, an acid etch process was used to lower part of the surface below the original height of the piece. This was one of the processes used to create verbiage on the part and these etched areas were either filled with ink or left to the natural stainless steel. In order to get text onto the un-etched areas, another process was used: screen printing. Then, a laser cutter was used to cut out the pieces of text from the middle of the part. Finally, the part was sheared to size with a machine similar to a heavy duty paper cutter. Because this piece is a multi-level nameplate, it went through multiple processes before the final product was complete.

As an added touch of personalization, customized individual’s names were etched onto each invitation. This is a unique process that GMN was also able to do in-house. Along with the invitation, GMN also created another piece, a giveaway for event guests. The piece is a handy tool that serves as a bottle opener, tiny wrench, drill index, built-in ruler and comes customized with guest’s names as well. GMN was very excited about this project and the invitations were well-received by Craftsman guests.