Bi-annual customer satisfaction survey

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By Elise Harrington | Sep 03, 2015
Customer Satisfaction Survey September 2015

Earlier this summer GMN completed its bi-annual customer satisfaction survey. Two times a year the survey is distributed to customers to gauge our customers’ satisfaction working with us. After reviewing responses, we are thrilled to report high levels of customer satisfaction when working with us.

In the survey responses many GMN Aerospace customers reported high levels of satisfaction when working with us. We’ve trended the survey responses over the last 16 surveys to better monitor where we are improving, and otherwise. On average 94.89% of customers report that they would recommend working with GM Nameplate. GMN Aerospace customers highlighted their appreciation of our staff and the quality of the work we do.

We are excited to report that 95% of our aerospace customers rate our overall experience as good or excellent. Customers also highlighted our manufacturing and industry expertise, order process efficiency, and quality.

Although the majority of customers reported high levels of satisfaction, opportunities for improvement were also highlighted. Customers identified customer service, quality, and lead time as areas to improve. GMN Aerospace is committed to continually improving its processes and operations to better meet the needs of its customers. Our team has thoroughly evaluated the survey across all our divisions and evaluating ways to improve. We currently have a number of continuous improvement projects underway and are looking forward to seeing how they help us better serve our customers moving forward.