Backlit ornamentation for automotive interiors

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By Richard Smylie | Jul 28, 2016
Backlit sill plate by GMN Automotive

As the content of today’s automotive cockpits contain an ever increasing amount of backlit ornamentation, GMN Automotive capabilities have expanded to support this evolution. GMN Automotive is experienced in providing backlit ornamentation for automotive interiors, including displays and branded sill plates.

Backlit applications usually contain a shroud, a light pipe, and a light engine. A shroud is the exterior decorative element of a backlit application, which can be selectively or mechanically finished, custom decorated, and stamped out of aluminum or stainless steel. GMN Automotive provides custom decorating by color and finish. A light pipe contains a clear substrate in which the LED light shines through. Light pipes can be acrylic insert molded or custom sheet plastic decorated. When insert molding the light pipe, it becomes hermetically sealed, whereby preventing liquids from leaking into and short circuiting the circuit. Light engines, using LED or light guide film, are what drive the backlit application and allow for industry-leading thin constructions.  GMN Automotive has in-house testing to validate the part’s light capability to ensure the part meets light emission design intent.   

At GMN Automotive, the vertical breath of our manufacturing capabilities and experience of producing backlit ornamentation allows GMN Automotive to offer a broad range of construction possibilities to each component of your assembly.  The result of which allows GMN Automotive parts to be produced to exacting standards that will meet or exceed your constructions’ visual and functional requirements.