Backlighting solutions in the aerospace industry

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By Lauren Rowles | Feb 14, 2017
Aerospace Backlighting

The adoption of backlighting technologies has become immensely popular within the aerospace industry. In both new aircraft designs and existing platforms, aerospace manufacturers are implementing backlit applications virtually everywhere throughout the cabin and flight deck. From passenger controls, to exit signage, LEDs have the capacity to replace a wide range of technologies present on today’s airplanes – especially around passenger experience.

Backlighting offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. It can enhance the visual appearance of a product and make it stand out, while also aiding the end user in properly operating the device. A common aesthetic application used in the aerospace industry is colored backlighting to create mood lighting within the aircraft cabin. However, the functional aspect of backlighting is even more relevant to the aerospace industry as it helps to increase the safety of the aircraft. For example, backlit indicator signs alert passengers when it is necessary for them to take precautions such as fastening their seatbelts, and backlighting in the flight deck enables the pilot to easily and accurately identify the correct controls so they can stay focused on flying. In addition, since airplanes fly in a variety of lighting situations, backlighting allows for displays and controls to be operated in light and dark environments.

GMN Aerospace has years of experience of providing backlighting components and assemblies for a variety of aircraft applications, including cabin signage, passenger and crew control panels, instrumentation displays, and more. With in-house engineering support services and a state-of-the-art light lab, GMN Aerospace has the knowledge and resources to ensure that our backlighting solutions meet the highest quality standards.

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