3D nameplate for Honda

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By gmn_admin | Mar 12, 2013
Plastic nameplate

By Lou Kiernan

I regularly work with customers that need a unique aesthetic for their parts. I recently used this Honda part to demonstrate how GMN can create a pronounced 3-D effect on a nameplate. 

Scott Ose and Betty Raper on the GM Nameplate team helped bring this part to life. They started with clear acrylic and printed solid white on the second surface. The blue logo detail is printed on the front side with the same press. They laminate the part and then cut the thick acrylic sheets into individual nameplates. The part is then domed on the front surface. This creates the illusion that the blue “H” logo is floating inside the domed acrylic.

The nameplate is used on countertop displays in dealership showrooms and the result is an eye-catching brand identity piece.