3D electroform nameplates for distinct & detailed branding

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By Cynthia Schulte | Nov 17, 2014
3-D electroform nameplate with spin finish

3D electroform nameplates essentially use the same technology as 2D electroform.  However, it incorporates additional techniques that can include colored inks, deep grooves and finite textures to create a unique aesthetic for discerning brands.     

Like 2D electroform, 3D electroform nameplates use the electroforming process to deposit metal directly to the desired form. It results in a custom metallic finish that is so fine it reveals intricate details such as textures under the surface of the plating. It also accentuates three dimensional details by maintaining crisp edges and corners that are difficult to achieve with any other process. 

3D electroform nameplates are often combined with inks to highlight finishes.  A perfect example of this can be seen in the photo featured here.  The nameplate, which is used on Callaway golf clubs, utilizes a brushed and spun finish on the metallic sections and colored inks to accentuate the deep relief around the crisp, elevated logo. The result is a stunning yet durable nameplates that is, literally, designed to look good and take a hit.    

3D electroform nameplates from GM Nameplate have been used by customers ranging from the automotive and medical industries to mass-scale consumer products.  While the applications are diverse, the intent is always to the same: communicate a distinct brand using a distinct capability. 

2D electroform is another nameplate technology that utilizes electroplating.  To learn more, read our blog on 2D electroform or visit our nameplate page.