2D electroform nameplates for intricate differentiating designs

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By Cynthia Schulte | Nov 17, 2014
2D electroform nameplate for Xbox One

Electroform is a manufacturing technique that GM Nameplate uses to produce jewel-like nameplates for distinguished brands that want to set their product apart from the competition.  It works on a molecular level to transfer metal to a surface using an electrical charge. 

2D electroform results in highly detailed, free standing designs or lettering that can accommodate extremely intricate designs. However, it is also an unexpectedly durable option.  Coupled with numerous metallic finishes and colors, it is an ideal solution for many applications.     

2D electroform nameplates are popular with customers in diverse industries because of their utility and distinguished aesthetic.  You can see GM Nameplate’s 2D electroform on products from shoes to gaming devices and more. 

3D electroform is another popular option that leverages electroplating technology to create stunning nameplates. To learn more, read our blog on 3D electroform or vist our nameplate page.