2016 Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference

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By Lauren Rowles | Sep 28, 2016
Lean and Six Sigma Conference

On September 14th, Paul Michaels, GMN Aerospace Corporate Director, attended the 2016 Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference in San Antonio hosted by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. This conference was an opportunity for GMN Aerospace to learn about the latest and most efficient ways to eliminate waste and improve quality within an organization. The conference featured more than 50 educational and panel sessions that covered how to apply, sustain, and teach Lean Six Sigma efforts, as well as 3 keynote speakers from top companies and medical organizations who shared their personal tactics on how they improved performance and overcame implementation problems. Additionally, there was a special look into the current continuous improvement efforts of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas (TMMTX) and REYES Automotive group.

Continuous improvement is a top priority at GMN Aerospace. We constantly strive to improve our processes through the implementation of Lean and Six Sigma practices so we can better serve our customers. This conference equipped us with the tools and knowledge to continue to grow and develop further into a Lean organization.