Vacuum laminator added to GM Nameplate's Seattle Division

SEATTLE, Washington (September 28, 2015) – The Seattle, WA division of GM Nameplate has a new capability to offer customers in bonding technology. GMN is now equipped with a vacuum laminator to provide optically clear adhesive (OCA) bonding. As the latest addition to GMN’s capabilities, this new process complements existing bonding technologies including air gap bonding and liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) bonding. These bonding technologies are used to join together layers of display components.

OCA technology is a highly regarded bonding option because it is capable of providing a very thin bond line. The process also offers additional value by providing a tighter tolerance to create more consistent bond lines from part to part as well as within a single part.

“This new laminator provides tremendous new options within our display integration capabilities to offer our customers,” said Jim Badders, GMN’s director of display integration.

GMN began offering front panel integration and bonding technologies in 1995 as customers began moving from keypads and membrane switches to touchscreen technologies. As front panel integration needs have evolved, GMN has expanded its capabilities to better serve customers.

“As more and more people have adapted to smartphones, people are expecting all interfaces to respond in the same way. The new bonding process provides exceptionally thin bond lines so devices can mimic the look and feel of a smartphone,” said Gerry Gallagher, VP of sales and marketing. 

GMN’s new rigid-to-rigid line offers valued solutions through a custom-made vacuum laminator. This machine also has the capability to work in tandem with the LOCA process, providing customers with more flexibility for their integration solutions. 

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