Paul Michaels receives PNAA Aerospace Executive of the Year Award

SEATTLE, Washington (February 11, 2016) At the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance’s (PNAA) 15th Annual Aerospace Manufacturing Conference on February 10th, Paul Michaels, Aerospace Director at GM Nameplate, was honored with the 2016 Aerospace Executive of the Year Award. The PNAA is a group dedicated to the growth and success of the Aerospace industry in the Pacific Northwest region. This award showcases an executive from an Aerospace company located in the Pacific Northwest who has surpassed expectations in contributing to the Aerospace industry, and inspires success in themselves and those around them.

Since he started at GM Nameplate in 2002, Michaels has supported initiatives to reduce customer costs and driven change in the supply chain to support increased efficiency. Such efforts have led to a 25% increase in sales for GMN Aerospace over the past five years.

Within his team, Michaels has cultivated a culture focused on world class customer support and service, which is reflected in GMN Aerospace’s 99% quality and delivery ratings. Additionally, this open and outgoing culture encourages support between the members and has formed a close-knit group. As a result, their team has achieved a 0% employee turnover rate in the past decade.

“I feel so incredibly honored to receive this recognition from PNAA. This award would not be possible without the support of the GMN Aerospace Team and the dedication they bring to work every day,” expressed Michaels. “I see my role as communicating the vision, making sure they have the resources they need, and getting out of their way to let them succeed. I love knowing I can trust our team, and giving them the support and freedom they need to be creative and productive in reaching our goals. Sincere thanks to everyone at PNAA for this amazing award!”

About GM Nameplate

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