GM Nameplate announces new senior quality manager

SEATTLE, Washington - Quality forms the cornerstone of GM Nameplate’s (GMN) value system and guiding principles. It is GMN’s dedication to maintaining the highest product quality that has guided its success in highly regulated and diverse industries such as medical, aerospace and automotive. For the past four years, the strong leadership of Michael Wodrich, director of quality of the Seattle, WA Division, has played an integral role in cultivating a strong quality culture within the organization. Michael is now transitioning into the challenging new role of director of program management and GMN is pleased to announce Sam Allen as the new quality manager of the Seattle, WA Division.

 Sam comes with decades of experience in high-volume manufacturing facilities management and global quality assurance management. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in change management, process product engineering, and value stream management. His certified understanding of Continuous Improvement (CI) activities will be instrumental in sustaining the quality culture at GMN and strengthening its commitment to exceed customer expectations.

 In today’s competitive world, when quality has become more critical than ever, it is crucial to not only manage and control quality, but also to continuously improve it. As a custom-manufacturer, GMN serves a wide array of customers from varied industries. The quality standards and requirements differ significantly from one industry to the other, making the quality management system within the organization extremely multifaceted. GMN is confident that Sam’s extensive knowledge will be pivotal in navigating the complexities of the business. He will be responsible for managing all aspects of quality, which includes quality assurance and inspection, supplier quality management, and customer quality liaison. A robust quality system helps to reduce production lead times, lower costs and improve efficiency for customers.    

“Sam is a great addition to GMN.” said Autumn Santa Ana, corporate director of quality and regulatory affairs, “He brings a tremendous depth of quality experience along with a ‘quality attitude’ that complements our company’s quality culture.  We’re really excited to have him lead our Seattle quality division and join our corporate-wide quality leadership team.”

Sam assumed the role of senior quality manager in November 2017 with the support of his predecessor, Michael Wodrich. Focusing on the front end of the business, Michael will now be working closely with new product development and emerging technologies. As businesses and opportunities become more complex in the global marketplace, GMN is required to think and act differently than it historically has. By aligning business strategy with evolving customer needs, he will be building out the processes and systems related to overall program management and lead GMN to adapt to the changing environment.

GMN congratulates Michael Wodrich and Sam Allen on their new roles and looks forward to their valuable contribution in gearing the division ahead.

About GM Nameplate

GMN is recognized as a leading international manufacturer that meets and exceeds customer expectations every time. Established in 1954, GMN has grown its capabilities from nameplates and brand identity, to include labels, die-cuts, front panel integration, printed electronics and biosensors, plastics, keypads and more. The company is committed to serving its customers with the highest quality possible.