Testing and equipment

The cutting-edge testing tools and equipment at GMN Plastics help to validate that all raw materials, products, and processes conform to customer needs. By rallying a range of state-of-the-art testing technologies in various stages of planning and production, the technical experts at GMN Plastics eliminate inconsistencies in product development and control quality and improve reliability.  

Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and smart scopes

Coordinate measuring machines (CMM), taking scrupulous measurements of a component, are brought into play on numerous occasions including first article inspection, production control, supporting gauge repeatability and reproducibility, and play a key role in our process validations. The CMMs at GMN Plastics offer both optical and mechanical probe capabilities for measurement and visual defect inspection, empowering our customers to ensure conformity of various manufactured parts. While the mechanical system uses a physical touch probe, the optical system gathers data with a camera, allowing us to perform complicated tasks such as calculating flatness and angularity with minimal clearance. For complicated forms and geometries, a combination of the two technologies is used to provide high accuracy dimension data reporting.

3D laser scanner

GMN Plastics utilizes a blue-light laser scanner to succinctly capture data points of any molded part with the utmost precision and efficiency. Working flawlessly with intricate shapes, contoured profiles, and even reflective surfaces, this state-of-the-art scanning technology enables us to digitize objects and compare scanned files to an actual 3D model. It has also made it possible to reverse engineer molded components to produce replacement parts with tight tolerances. For quality inspection, this portable scanning tool can be coupled with a CMM or Optical Gaging Products (OGP) to accurately measure dimensions and examine plastic parts within a matter of minutes.

Material testing

Understanding key characteristics, behaviors, and limitations of a plastic material is crucial to the success of effective design development and seamless production. From melt flow indexers that identify the flow rate of a plastic material to pull testers that verify the tensile strength of a given part, GMN Plastics is equipped with a range of testing equipment including moisture analyzers, color spectrophotometers, & Izod impact testers.

By evaluating critical properties of a material, our in-house equipment validates that all raw materials conform to supplier specifications and all molded plastic parts meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of our customers. With a strong hold on quality, this facilitates the mapping of various stages of product development without running into any manufacturing bottlenecks or compromising quality.