Tool room services

In addition to proper care and preservation of your tools, our tooling and automation team is an integral part of improving process performance using fixtures, jigs, and sophisticated robotic automation.

Tool procurement

We maintain a quick response time and superior quality by employing a dedicated tool procurement team. Specializing in both domestic and international procurement, this team periodically travels to our off-shore partners for critical on-site testing. Our tooling engineers work closely with the program management team to ensure that tools are built on schedule, every time. 

Tool designs are approved by our team while taking into account factors such as customer requirements, materials, and actions required to support part geometry and tolerances, in order to provide our customers with a life warranty for their tool that fits their program needs.

Tool room equipment

From surface grinders to lathes, electrical discharge machines (EDM) to CNC mills, our in-house tool room is armed with a range of equipment that is often leveraged towards engineering change orders (ECO), or to maintain tools and perform quick fixes. All customer-driven engineering changes are managed by our engineering and tool room staff who not only have the equipment, but also the experience and expertise to efficiently execute the changes.

Preventive maintenance

GMN Plastics uses a systematic ranking system during the design phase to determine the type of preventive care and maintenance frequency for every tool. Vital information generated through this system is used to document every historic repair and the care procedures performed on the tool.