Scientific validation

GMN Plastics leverages powerful tools and systems to make design and process improvements, all before tooling is even built. For every project, our team goes through a series of qualification steps to test and validate that parts meet the cosmetic and functional requirements of our customers.


GMN Plastics takes quality seriously. Creating parts that adhere to the most stringent quality standards is always our highest priority. That is why we have systems in place to ensure quality is continuously upheld, including our qualification process that guarantees parts are produced uniformly and consistently.

GMN Plastic’s qualification process is comprised of four stages known as design qualification (DQ), installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ). Our team uses these procedures for every project to verify that the manufacturing process is viable, stable, and repeatable.

This process is crucial when manufacturing plastics, especially for highly-regulated industries, to confirm not only compliance with regulatory requirements but also compliance with customer specifications, and to assure that parts look and function properly.

Flow simulation

To meet the articulated needs of our customers, GMN Plastics utilizes the most up-to-date software systems like Solidworks Plastics to ensure that tools are manufactured accurately from the start. By simulating the exact flow of molten plastic during the injection molding process, these intuitive systems forecast plausible blemishes on the part including weld lines, sink marks, and air traps. They provide unparalleled benefits when working with new materials or complex designs where the flow of plastic can be unpredictable. These digital tools not only enable us to mitigate cosmetic defects, but also evaluate designs and make crucial modifications and improvements in process development before committing to tool building. 

Engineering software

From flow simulation tools to Microsoft Project, a timeline tracking software that allows us to allocate resources to every milestone in the production process, GMN Plastics leverages different program management software and systems to address the challenges and complexities in plastic manufacturing. Our engineering team routinely works with advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software like SolidWorks and CATIA to analyze and validate 3D plastic parts. By mobilizing sophisticated tools and technologies, we consistently deliver high quality parts on time.