In this era of smart manufacturing practices, GMN Plastics has been an early adopter of robotic automation. As customer needs are evolving, the importance of consistently delivering high-quality products in shorter time frames cannot be disputed. The digitization of manufacturing has not only aided us in trimming lead times and production costs, but also enhancing quality and efficiency.


Custom Plastic Assemblies

A future where humans and robots work in collaboration is almost inevitable in the manufacturing landscape. In our relentless pursuit of improving efficiency, GMN Plastics has always been in the forefront of embracing new tools and technologies. Robotic arms are frequently employed on our production floor to assemble plastic components or accomplish tasks like aligning and applying a label on a plastic part. By harnessing robotic automation in different stages of assembly, we are not only able to eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks, but also significantly boost quality and productivity.


The engineering team at GMN Plastics developed camera inspection systems to validate various elements within our plastics manufacturing processes. A primary use of these vision systems is to confirm the accuracy of an insert molding that is achieved through either heat staking or ultrasonic welding. These vision systems capture images of any given part from multiple angles and positions to authenticate the precision of the insert mold and design verification. Another use includes the inspection of label placement for applications that we are applying labels to the plastic components. As these processes are completely free of human errors, they score high on consistency and reliability. Supporting our high production runs, these automated systems have become an integral part of our in-process inspection at GMN Plastics.

Plastic Inspection

Part handling

Part Handling for Plastics

GMN Plastics also uses automation in part handling to streamline the manufacturing process. We frequently install custom end-of-arm tools, equipped with a vacuum suction mechanism, on our larger tonnage presses. The arm travels into the injection mold tool, pulls out the required parts, and places them on a conveyor belt. The continuous addition of customized automation equipment at GMN Plastics has opened doors to greater efficiency and a safer working environment.