GMN’s SuperGraphics sold to group of employees

SEATTLE, Washington – GM Nameplate (GMN) embraced the early days of the digital printing revolution by purchasing the company known today as SuperGraphics, and since then, the large format market has played a significant role in GMN’s business. Over the years, in addition to subsequent acquisitions, SuperGraphics has accomplished many noteworthy successes such as the invention of the bus wrap and breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest mural ever produced. Looking to the future, as GMN focuses increasingly on its core business of making world-class components and assemblies for OEMs, the company has decided to step away from the SuperGraphics business.

Fortunately, GMN did not have to look far to find a group who loved the business, knew it well, and will take exceptional care of its customers. After GMN’s announced its intended departure to SuperGraphics, a few current employees – Josh Carl, Rob Sullivan, and Zac Thorpe – expressed their avid interest in assuming control of the business. Carl, Sullivan, and Thorpe also teamed up with Reid Baker, an industry veteran, to complete the formation of their ownership group. Baker is taking over as the President and CEO of Supergraphics.

GMN and SuperGraphics worked closely with the interested members to make the sale a reality. With years of experience in the market and intimate knowledge of the customers and processes, GMN is confident that these employees-turned-owners will take the business to the next level. Building on what SuperGraphics has today, they will bring even more value to customers tomorrow.

“It has been an exciting ride working with the SuperGraphics team over the years,” said Greg Root, GMN’s Co-Chairman. “As we leave the business in the undeniably capable hands of Josh, Reid, Rob, and Zac, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them and will remain invested in their success.”

While some changes will be implemented due to this transition, many elements will remain the same, including the company’s headquarters, equipment, people, and more.

GMN would like to thank its many customers who have worked with SuperGraphics over the years and encourage their continued work with this great resource and team of skilled experts.

About GMN

Since 1954, GMN has been serving companies across nearly every industry with custom designed manufactured components. Started as a nameplate manufacturer, today GMN’s capabilities include die-cuts, labels, front panel integration, printed electronics and biosensors, large format digital graphics, brand identity pieces, injection and compression molded plastics, elastomer keypads, value-added assemblies, and more. GMN is privately owned with corporate headquarters in Seattle, WA, and employs more than 1,000 at its facilities in North America and Asia. The company is recognized as a leading international manufacturer, with a reputation of meeting and exceeding customer expectations every time.