Medical Device Design & Component Manufacturing Solutions

Graphic Overlay and Membrane Switch

Expert manufacturing for the medical industry

Get your medical device ready for market faster by working with GMN. We are equipped with years of experience in component design support and manufacturing for the medical industry combined with outstanding expertise, capabilities and quality system certifications.

  • Proven reliability
  • Quality system certifications
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Medical industry capabilities

GMN brings years of expertise in printed electrodes for the medical device industry and offers the guidance and development capabilities you need to meet rigorous industry requirements.

GMN offers high quality, custom printed membrane switch technology for a variety of functional applications for both larger projects and as part of an in-house sub-assembly.

We take the guesswork out of developing and manufacturing the best front panel display integration and bonding solution for your product’s needs with one-stop service. 

Sample medical products


GMN developed strict in-process controls to maintain quality throughout the front panel integration process. The result is a display that works properly every time. 

Backlit Elastomer Keypad with Integrated Backlighting
Cardiovascular imaging

Dedicated design engineers worked closely with the customer to establish manufacturing methods that maintain consistent tactile feel of buttons and adequate backlighting.

Infusion Pump
Infusion pump

Our engineering team helped to ensure the continuity of design through multiple product updates. They were able to increase shield thickness without altering the tactile feel of the user interface.