Electronics industry

Manufacturing decorative and functional parts for gaming consoles

Manufacturing for high volume electronic components

GMN is a trusted supplier of electronic components in consumer and commercial markets, as well as heavy industrial and test and measurement. We’ve focused our years of experience in research and development to create outstanding custom switches, technology integration, and production scalability. One of our greatest strengths is our local service with a worldwide, company-owned manufacturing reach.

Electronics industry capabilities

GMN manufactures automotive and electronic plastics


Our plastic decorating capabilities are some of the most advanced in the industry and include screen printing, laser etching, pad printing, spray painting, in-mold decorating and over molding. 

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Single membrane switch with metal doming

Switch technologies

GMN manufactures high quality, custom-designed printed membrane switch technology for a variety of functional applications for both larger projects and as part of an in-house sub-assembly. 

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Custom designed nameplate


With our extensive custom manufacturing and design support, we’ll help you develop durable, practical nameplates that stand up to your product’s unique environmental demands.

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Front panel integration

Front panel integration

GMN can help advise you on the best bonding options for the needs of your project, including liquid optically clear adhesive which offers the most robust and best overall performance of any bonding technology. 

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Multiple UL and cUL labels


As a custom label manufacturer, GMN can help you design a label perfectly suited to your unique requirements. We offer a variety of materials, inks, and constructions to best fit your application

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Disk encoders

Optical encoders

GMN understands the complexity of an automated world and produces custom optical encoder media to achieve superior incremental movement accuracy and component durability.

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