GM Nameplate upgrades to AS9100D:2016 certification

SEATTLE, Washington - GM Nameplate (GMN) is thrilled to announce that it has received the AS9100D:2016 certification in April 2018. The latest certification, applies to a multi-site certificate for three GMN facilities including the Seattle, WA Division, San Jose, CA Division, and Beaverton, OR Division.

AS9100, an aerospace Quality Management System (QMS) standard, is based on the international standard ISO 9001. It helps companies to support the dynamic needs of the aerospace industry and its customers. The latest update from AS9100 Rev C to Rev D was released in September 2016 and companies are required to transition to the new standard by September 2018.

 AS9100 Rev D lays emphasis on creating value for customers by integrating the QMS requirements into the company’s business processes. This revision also aligns the AS9100 standard to the newest revision of ISO 9001 which was released in 2015. Significant areas of revision pertain to product safety, counterfeit prevention, risk management, and configuration management. GMN underwent an extensive eight-day upgrade audit at its multiple manufacturing sites to obtain the AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Advancing to the new revision represents our compliance with the most current set of requirements of the rigorous aerospace standards.

“We’re pleased to announce our successful upgrade to AS9100D. This certification demonstrates our commitment to support the evolving needs of the aerospace industry as well as those of our valued customers.” said Autumn Santa Ana, director of corporate quality and regulatory affairs at GMN. “Another benefit of this certification is the immense sense of pride our employees feel having their efforts validated by a third-party audit.  Our dedicated employees continually strive to deliver exceptional quality products and services to our customers. Having a strong quality culture, AS9100 quality system, and great customer relationships help us achieve those goals.”

About GM Nameplate

GMN is recognized as a leading international manufacturer that meets and exceeds customer expectations every time. Established in 1954, GMN has grown its capabilities from nameplates and brand identity, to include labels, die-cuts, front panel integration, printed electronics and biosensors, plastics, keypads and more. The company is committed to serving its customers with the highest quality possible.