Bi-annual customer survey trends

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By Elise Harrington | Sep 12, 2014

During every bi-annual customer survey, we take the opportunity to ask our customers what they see as trends in their industries and companies.  We developed statements questions related to industry trends we asked customers the level to which they agreed or disagreed with the trend. The trend statements were the following:

  • Increasing integration of touch technology in user interface devices
  • Growing dependence on suppliers for engineering and design support
  • Companies value suppliers that can offer multiple products

After analyzing customer responses, we were able to confirm all of these industry trends.

At GMN, we have identified touch technology as one of our growing capabilities, as well as within consumer electronics. More than 60% of the related customers agreed that they have considered implementing touch technology in their user interfaces in the future, with only 20% of customers disagreeing. As the demand for this technology continues to grow, GMN will continue to grow its expertise and capabilities within front panel integration.

Our customers strongly agreed that they value suppliers that can offer multiple products and services. Overall, 80% of respondents agreed that suppliers that can fulfill multiple needs are of value to the organization, with only 5% disagreeing. Those who responded highlighted the value of consolidating their supply chain.

Lastly, just over 50% of customers agreed that they are depending more on suppliers for engineering and design assistance. Many pointed out that they have fewer internal resources or that our line of work is not their expertise. This is perhaps one of the most important trends identified, as it offers insight on what we can do to better serve the needs of all our customers – whether they are an international contract manufacturer or a boutique winery.

Identifying and confirming trends with our customers is one of the most valuable aspects of our customer survey as it provides insight into what our customers will require in the future. We look forward to implementing better practices and processes to better serve our customers’ needs.