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By Steve Baker Jul 21, 2021
Anaheim Convention Center

GMN is thrilled to be returning to Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) West once again! As the largest MedTech tradeshow in North America, MD&M West draws professionals from all across the country for an unparalleled opportunity for both networking and sharing new ideas and developments.

By Jim Badders Jul 15, 2021
Hand holding piece of display cover glass

When developing a new product, the cover for a display is just as critical as the display itself. The actual display component typically does not arrive with any kind of protection, leaving it susceptible to environmental factors and damage from continued use. Depending on product requirements, it is often necessary to add a glass cover to protect the display from impact or scratches while still maintaining optical quality. However, not all glass is created equal. The cost, strength, color options and available thicknesses can impact the decision on which cover glass to use.

By Jim Badders Jul 13, 2021
Display module enhancement solutions

When it comes to selecting a specific display to use with your product, it is important to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re designing a user interface for the automotive, medical, appliance, or any other industry, GM Nameplate (GMN) has several different ways of enhancing display modules to suit your unique needs. While display enhancements usually bring to mind a myriad of visual upgrades, these enhancements are also often used to improve the functionality of the device.