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By Richard Smylie May 27, 2021
A drag spin finish nameplate manufactured by GMN

A spin finish, also known as spotting or engine turning, is a mechanical metal decoration technique that creates visually striking and repetitive circular patterns. The unique interplay of light as it reflects off the finished metal surface adds movement and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the part. Rising to popularity in the 1920s and 1930s, the spin finish was frequently seen in the automotive industry, especially on dashboards and instrumentation panels.

Al Steiner
By Al Steiner May 20, 2021
An injection molded plastic bezel

In our previous blog, we talked about the most common types of thermoplastics used in injection molding and how they compare against each other. Today, we’ll be going over improving the characteristics of resins with plastic additives. 

Al Steiner
By Al Steiner May 18, 2021
Plastic resin for injection molding

When it comes to designing a new plastic component, it’s important to realize that no material is a one-size-fits-all solution. Characteristics such as cost, temperature resistance, manufacturability, impact resistance, and structural integrity can vary widely between resins used for injection molding.

Sabrina Doolin
By Sabrina Doolin May 13, 2021
A GMN employee getting a vaccine

At GMN, the health and safety of our employees and partners is our top priority. To help protect everyone against the spread of the novel coronavirus, GMN held its second on-site COVID-19 vaccine clinic yesterday. Taking place at the Seattle, WA plant, the clinic was open to all GMN employees and their family members.

Chris Beason
By Chris Beason May 06, 2021
GMN Aerospace employees with the Bronze Tier Supplier award

We are excited to announce that GM Nameplate (GMN) was recently recognized as a Bronze Tier Supplier for exceptional performance and contributions to supply chain success in 2020 for BAE Systems, Inc.’s Electronic Systems sector. GM Nameplate was honored at a virtual ceremony and was selected from the pool of suppliers that worked with BAE Systems in 2020. 

By Debbie Anderson May 04, 2021
Non-conductive functional inks at GMN

This blog is the second in our series on functional inks. In the previous blog, we touched upon the various conductive inks used at GM Nameplate (GMN). In this blog, we will explore the different types and applications of non-conductive inks.