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Pam Hane
By Pam Hane Jan 28, 2021
Laird Preferred Converter

We are happy to share that GMN has been honored by Laird Performance Materials as a Preferred Converter for Performance Excellence. Only a select group of organizations throughout North America rise to the level of Preferred Partner.

Taichi Nakahara
By Taichi Nakahara Jan 26, 2021
UL Listed and UL Classified labels

Have you ever noticed the label on a computer, pressurized tank, or any other electrical appliance? The likelihood of that label bearing one of the safety marks namely UL, CSA, or the likes of it, is extremely high. But, what do these marks and symbols signify, and why are they so important? When it comes to electrical devices, some of the most important attributes from an end user’s point of view remain product quality and safety.

By Richard Smylie Jan 21, 2021
Off-set pad printing process

Pad printing is an offset printing process where ink is transferred from a cliché to the required component via a pad. Bringing together a blend of consistency, repeatability, and durability, pad printing can help you achieve intricate patterns and designs. While most decorative techniques such as screen and lithographic printing require a flat surface, pad printing is one of the very few processes that is well suited for decorating gently curved, irregular, textured, and/or cylindrical surfaces.

By Steve Baker Jan 18, 2021
An OCA display being bonded in a vacuum chamber

In our previous blogs in the bonding technology series, we discussed air gap and liquid optically clear adhesive bonding.

By Steve Baker Jan 14, 2021
LOCA bonding on a display

In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of air gap bonding. In the second blog of our three-part bonding technologies series, we will focus on the most widely used bonding capability at GMN: liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) bonding.

By Steve Baker Jan 12, 2021
Front panel integration assembly

As displays become omnipresent in today’s world, display and touchscreen performance are becoming critical considerations when designing devices. A typical display is composed of many layers such as cover glass, a touch panel, and/or an LCD, that are combined to help the display function properly under its intended condition. GMN combines these separate pieces together using high-grade adhesives and unique bonding technologies.

By Richard Smylie Jan 07, 2021
Diamond carved nameplate manufactured at GMN

Diamond carving, also known as diamond drag engraving, is a common metal decoration technique that enhances metal components by adding a unique texture. Performed at the back-end of the manufacturing process, this technique creates extremely fine, sharp, and crisp lines on an embossed aluminum surface, which cannot be achieved through any other decoration process. These deeply carved lines on the metal surface also provide a tactile feel, further augmenting the appearance of the component.

By Jason Herndon Jan 05, 2021
Prototyping solutions by GMN

When it comes to custom manufacturing, prototyping remains an integral part of the design process. Whether you are testing the fit, form, and functionality of a new product, evaluating the feasibility of a unique material, or merely experimenting with novel ideas and concepts, prototyping services enable us to venture into new territories. The prototyping services at GM Nameplate (GMN) not only provide quick-turn solutions but also offer design support to help customers navigate a path towards production.