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Teresa Synakowski, GMN
By Teresa Synakowski Dec 15, 2020
Braille overlays for TVM

INIT, a leader in the public transit industry, was redesigning their ticket vending machine and wanted to revamp their current labeling system. Installed in transit stations throughout the country, the ticket machine contained eight separate recessed sections that provided important information on user inputs in both printed text and braille format.

By Jim Badders Dec 10, 2020
Screen printing on glass

To ensure the success of any glass-printing application, there are numerous factors that go under consideration such as the glass type, inherent tint of the glass, ink type, ink color, curing process, and environmental conditions. However, one crucial factor that needs to be determined is the print method. Glass can be printed on using one of the three techniques - screen printing, digital printing, or frit printing.

By Steve Baker Dec 03, 2020
Metal cans used for shielding

Minimizing electrical interference is critical to a product’s performance, especially in highly regulated industries where excess interference from components can be disastrous or life-threatening. Excess electrostatic, radiofrequency, or electromagnetic signals can affect sensitive components, causing a multitude of issues or possible failure. Fortunately, there are several ways to mitigate the input and output of undesired electronic signals.

By Rachel Wienckoski Dec 02, 2020
Polyester and polycarbonate are both popular overlay materials

Have you ever walked up to an ATM or gas pump and noticed the cracking, fading numbers on the keypad? It is a prime example of why the material selection is vital for graphic overlays. At GMN, the two most common materials used for graphic overlays are polyester and polycarbonate. Depending on the application, there are advantages and disadvantages to both materials.

Picture of Chris Doyle
By Chris Doyle Dec 01, 2020

The calendar has always been an exciting thing for us to design and create at GMN. Each year, we come up with new concepts and ideas to share with our customers and suppliers, and this year was no exception. 

To see how our 2021 calendar was manufactured, watch the video below.