An updated look for Clinique's lipstick case

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By Teresa Synakowski | Apr 05, 2016
Domed Clinique label

When updating their Pop Lip line, Clinique wanted something that would make their product stand out. In the past, Clinique has used a paper label on the bottom of the lipstick tube in order to identify the shade. Now, those paper labels have been replaced by a three dimensional applique made by GM Nameplate.

Because the plastic lipstick housing was created to match the shades of the lipstick color, it was decided that GMN would create an ultra-clear rounded dome that would allow the color underneath to show through. Producing an ultra-clear dome presented a few challenges due to the thickness of the ultra-clear adhesive and the nature of handling a clear material. In order to cut through the thick layers of clear lexan plastic, clear adhesive, and the liner, a steel tool was needed. Another challenge during production was to keep the part clean from fingerprints, scratches, dirt, and other damage, by handling all materials carefully during production. This careful handling also needed to be continued once our customer received the part by carefully removing the appliques before the domes were hand applied to the lipstick housing.

Along with a wide range of design options available, including the ultra-clear domes for Clinique, GMN has the technology to provide color matching as well. Clinique needed a clean and classic look for their Pop Lip line and GMN’s Monroe Division was successfully able to create it.