Trends from the 2014 Aircraft Interiors Expo

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By Elise Harrington | Oct 21, 2014
Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014

Last week, the Aircraft Interiors International Expo took place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. The annual expo features various aerospace suppliers and manufacturers. Each year, the expo includes a conference centered on a current issue or trend within aerospace. This year the Aircraft Interiors Expo featured the Passenger Experience Conference.

The focus on passenger experience has been a growing trend within the aerospace industry, which we discussed in our blog about the show last year. This year we continued to see more companies offering in-flight entertainment technology as well as other products focused on enhancing the passenger experience. In conjunction with the interiors show was a section featuring in-flight dining vendors. There were even samples to try at the show!

In addition, we saw similar trends from the previous year’s show. Reduced weight of all aspects of interiors continues to be prominent. This is very apparent with seat manufacturers, as their latest products feature slimmer and more compact sizes, with lightweight materials.  With the rise of gas prices it’s no surprise that airlines are determined to reduce weight, ideally without hindering passenger comfort.

We enjoy walking the show each year and seeing what’s new with aerospace companies. Our team at GMN Aerospace is already looking forward to next year’s show!