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Value Stream Team workshop with The Boeing Company

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By Mark Evans | Apr 28, 2016
Aerospace Fabrication Cell Value Stream Team Event

Recently, GMN Aerospace conducted our fourth Value Stream Team (VST) workshop with the help of Brian A. McCarthy and Brandon D. Harris from The Boeing Company. The focus of this VST event revolved around the aerospace fabrication cell at GM Nameplate (GMN). The aerospace fabrication cell is a high volume area consisting of four core processes and is the last step in the aerospace manufacturing process before parts arrive in the quality inspection department.

Minimal Impact to GMN Aerospace Supply Chain from Asko Processing Fire

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By Elise Harrington | Oct 01, 2014
Asko Fire

SEATTLE, Washington (October 1, 2014) – Yesterday, GMN Aerospace supplier, Asko Processing, experienced a fire that destroyed part of their warehouse in Seattle, Washington. The Asko offices and production areas were not affected. While GMN relies on Asko for a variety of capabilities, we anticipate minimal impact to GM Nameplate’s manufacturing or on-time delivery as a result of the event. GMN Aerospace has an established action plan to mitigate supply chain disruptions. This includes developing long-lasting relationships with multiple, approved and audited suppliers.

Selecting the Right Supplier Part 2: Evaluating Capacity Needs

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By Carlo Mears | Aug 08, 2012
Evaluating Capacity Needs

Today’s turbulent times, combined with our global market, has made it even more important to know that your supplier has the capacity to overcome any challenges. When the auto industry threatened to collapse any manufacturer that only supplied the big three automobile manufacturers suffered. It is important to make sure if this were to happen, your supplier wouldn’t have to cut employees, which would inevitably delay production of your parts.