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Custom seven-colored steering wheel badge for Alfa Romeo

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By Richard Smylie | Oct 03, 2016
Screen printed steering wheel badge

Alfa Romeo, a car brand of the FCA Group, contracted GM Nameplate (GMN) to manufacture a steering wheel badge containing seven custom colors. When screen printing seven colors that border one another, color deposition registration is essential to ensure the colors do not overlap or gap, thereby changing the visual in the overlapped area or allowing the metal to be visible.

Direct printing on molded plastic parts

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By Dave Klinkman | Jul 12, 2016
Direct to Print on Plastics

Direct printing on molded plastic parts can be used to create a variety of parts within the aerospace industry, such as seat row markers. In addition, this capability can be employed using several different printing processes including screen and digital printing. But before these parts can be used in an airplane, it is essential that the graphics align with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.