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Plastic over-molding for aerospace applications

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By Nick Schmidt | Jun 21, 2018
Plastic Overmolding for Aerospace Industry

Over-molding is a manufacturing process that combines two different types of plastic together to create a single part. Typically, this involves the use of a hard plastic and a softer plastic (often rubberized). Alternatively, this method can be used to bind two hard plastics together that are different colors. Overall, this is a process that takes various materials with different properties and combines them into a single molded component.

Exciting things to come in 2018

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By Lauren Rowles | Feb 07, 2018
New Year at GMN Aerospace

As we reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to 2018, GMN Aerospace would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to our customers and our excitement for what is on the horizon. 2017 gave GMN Aerospace a lot to celebrate, including being awarded with our fourth Boeing Supplier of the Year Award. Now, in the birth of a new year, it’s time for us to set new goals, carve out an execution plan, and get to work.

GMN Aerospace announces new long-term partnership with LIFT by EnCore

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By Nick Schmidt | Jan 19, 2017
LIFT Tray Table

SEATTLE, Washington (January 19, 2017) GMN Aerospace is excited to announce that the company has been selected to partner with LIFT by EnCore to deliver components for their novel Tourist Class Seat. LIFT, an aircraft seating manufacturer, has caught the attention of the aerospace industry with the sleek, simple, and ergonomic design of their new economy class seat.

GMN Plastics' new machinery

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By Edward Lafferty | Dec 09, 2015
Injection molding machine

In the past year, GMN Plastics has added three new injection molding machines to its equipment list in Beaverton, Oregon. As a plastic molder, this new equipment is essential to provide our customers with the capabilities needed to manufacture their parts. These new machines, one 55 ton machine and two 220 ton machines, are upgraded with new technology and are equipped with tighter tolerances to produce more consistent parts.

Common plastics tooling terminology

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By Chris Passanante | Aug 12, 2015
Injection mold at GMN Plastics

In a complex manufacturing industry, it is important to have a set of unique terminology to understand industry-wide common practices. Basic terminology in the plastics industry is provided by the Society of the Plastics Industry Cosmetic Specification of Injection Molded Parts to give manufacturers, suppliers and customers a common language to communicate through.

As a plastics manufacturer, GMN Plastics has a long list of unique vocabulary, so we’ve compiled some of the most common tooling terms used when discussing projects with our customers here:

Garmin Aerospace Parts

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By Paul Michaels | Sep 03, 2013
Garmin Aerospace Parts

Recently we discussed GMN Aerospace’s growing plastic capabilities thanks to our GMN Plastics divisions’ new quality system certifications related to the Aerospace industry. The parts we produce for our long time customer, Garmin AT, are great examples of how GMN Aerospace’s plastic capabilities can serve Aerospace customers.